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Using Grafbourse's LISTS, the statistical analysis gives a set of a few stocks, to in-depth study, with help of technical and chart analysis. When day trading stocks, chart analysis is an essential part of the decision making. The Price-Rsi chart is a good stock investor tool, to be used for getting the market timing help that the penny investor, stock investor pro or small business investor needs. For RSI investing, please see, at the bottom of that page, the relative strength index formula (RSI), but above all, the list HIGH RSI AND VOLUMES of stocks displaying a high relative strength index.


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PRICE : represented by dots.
RSI : calculated on 14 days and represented by dots.
RSI is the abbreviation for Relative Strength Index.
When prices increase, the RSI increases.
When prices decrease, the RSI decreases.
But, unlike prices, and for any stock,
the RSI varies between 0 et 100.
When the RSI gets closer to 0 (tends towards zero) it cannot
lower more, but only go up. So does the price. The same thing
occurs, but in reverse order, when it gets closer to 100.
MOVING AVERAGE : represented by asterisks.
BUYING SIGNAL : 3 conditions must be combined
- increasing moving average
- increasing prices
- the price curve cuts the moving average curve
SELLING SIGNAL : 3 conditions must be combined
- decreasing moving average
- decreasing prices
- the price curve cuts the moving average curve
RSI lesser than 30 : buying signal reinforced, if high volume
RSI greater than 70 : selling signal reinforced, if high volume
relative strength index formula on last 14 days
RSI=100-(100/(1+mg/ml)) well known formula of J.W.Wilder
mg=mean gain on last 14 days.
ml=mean loss on last 14 days.
Practically one uses:
mg(d)=mean gain, day d
mg(d-1)=mean gain, day d-1
gd=gain of the day d
idem for losses