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All stock technical analysis techniques for trading such as charting,macd histogram, japanese candlestick charts, volume analysis, Fibonaccinumbers,.. always focus on prices (historical, current,..) to forecastthe direction of the future price. Fundamental analysis try to estimate the theoretical target price of the stock, using annual reports, earning estimates, firm announcement,.. The estimated target price is compared with the current price to make a stock market forecast followed by a day trading decision. But this estimated target price from fundamental analysis does not include subjective and psychological factors, while the real prices(historical or current) of technical analysis include them.

Because technical analysis states that price is the consequence ofall factors, it makes an extensive use of chart analysis to study price evolution. Indicator analysis (Bollinger bands strategies, Stochastic oscillator, macd histogram, Relative strength index (RSI),..) hasdeveloped with the use of stock market softwares. Another branch of technical analysis, market analysis such as the old Dow theory or the Elliot wave theory says that stock quotes are governed by market cycles.

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All of these technical analysis tools have their pro and con. Some of them are a bit complicated. As a stock charting software, Grafbourse uses easy to understand ones: price volume chart, 50 day moving average, relative strength index (RSI). But Grafbourse also uses an estimated potential, derived from a fundamental analysis, to select the stocks whose technical analysis will be made. In addition to the table below, please see the list High estimated potentials

(It is not the buying signal)

Name Price Target Potential Code
BANK OF NY 26.94 43.7 62 BK
GENERAL ELECT 29.08 46.8 59 GE
AMER ELEC 25.33 39.6 54 AEP
ALCOA 23.08 35.7 45 AA
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Grafbourse's lists are DECISION MAKING TOOLS.
For each stock, several indicators(price, target, potential..)
are displayed; but sorting is made on the unique choosen criterion
(here: potential)
PRICE : closing price.
TARGET : estimated target price, objective price.
This price is ESTIMATED, using not technical but fundamental analysis.
It may be reached in a medium deadline.
POTENTIAL = % of potential profit = percent gap
between the price and the target price.