Monitor Shanghai and Shenzhen Stocks

To build your own stock watch list, you need to concentrate on the lists of short-term stock picks Grafbourse provides every stock market trading day.
For example, the list ASCENDING RSI WITH SHARES can indicate a reversal trend (increasing stage following a decreasing one).

(In order to go to the updated list, please, click on last trades.)

Advancers and Shares


Decliners and Shares


Charts of a stock


Ascending RSI with Shares

攀升 RSI 和成交量

Downward RSI and Shares

RSI 下降和交易量

Top RSI and Shares

高 RSI 和成交量

Bottom RSI with Shares

低 RSI 和成交量

RSI of a stock


High profit potentials


A stock estimated potential


Best gains the last 30 days

过去 30 天的最佳收益

Best gains the last 3 years


Last trades

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要建立自己的股票观察名单,您需要关注 Grafbourse 为每个股票市场提供的短期选股名单。 例如,列表“攀升 RSI 和成交量”可以指示反转趋势(下降阶段之后的上升阶段)。

(要转到更新的列表,请单击 last trades.)

Grafbourse Help/助手

Help: Advancers and Shares

帮助: 获奖者和交易量

Help: Decliners and Shares


Help: Ascending RSI with Shares

帮助:攀升 RSI 和成交量

Help: Downward RSI and Shares

帮助:RSI 下降和交易量

Help: Top RSI and Shares

帮助:高 RSI 和成交量

Help: Bottom RSI with Shares

帮助:低 RSI 和成交量

Help: High profit potentials


Help: Best gains the last 30 days

帮助:过去 30 天的最佳收益

Help: Best gains the last 3 years

帮助: 过去3年的最佳收益

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