Monitor NYSE and NASDAQ Stocks

To build your own stock watch list, you need to concentrate on the lists of short-term stock picks Grafbourse provides every stock market trading day.
For example, the list INCREASING RSI AND VOLUMES can indicate a reversal trend (increasing stage following a decreasing one).

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Advancers and Shares - Nyse
Gainers and Volumes - Nasdaq
Decliners and Shares - Nyse
Losers and Volumes - Nasdaq

Charts of a stock

Rising RSI and Shares - Nyse
Increasing RSI and Volumes - Nasdaq
Falling RSI and Shares - Nyse
Decreasing RSI and Volumes - Nasdaq
Top RSI and Shares - Nyse
High RSI and Volumes - Nasdaq
Bottom RSI and Shares - Nyse
Low RSI and Volumes - Nasdaq

RSI of a stock

Great stock potentials - Nyse
High profit potentials - Nasdaq

A stock estimated potential

Best gains last 30 days - Nyse
Top gains last 30 days - Nasdaq

Best gains last 3 years - Nyse
Top gains last 3 years - Nasdaq

Grafbourse Help

Help: Gainers and Volumes

Help: Losers and Volumes

Help: Charts of a stock
Nyse - Nasdaq - Unlisted Chart

Help: Increasing RSI and Volumes

Help: Decreasing RSI and Volumes

Help: High RSI and Volumes

Help: Low RSI and Volumes

Help: RSI of a stock
Nyse - Nasdaq - Unlisted RSI

Help: High profit potentials

Help: A stock estimated potential
Nyse - Nasdaq - Unlisted estimated Potential

Help: Top gains the last 30 days

Help: Top gains the last 3 years

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